Beyond The Gates

Beyond the gates of the Dumont cemetery lie many interesting stories about former residents of Mill Creek Valley. MCVHS researchers Ann Hector and Kris Miller have published some of these stories in the society’s newsletter and are working to uncover more stories and get them published. The links below take you to PDF versions of the newsletters.

March 2008 : The Estelle Philleo Grave by the Dumont Post Office

April 2012 : Raleigh W. Chinn

April 2014 : Ira W. LaMunyon

April 2015 : The Peart Family

April 2016 : Neville A. Lartigue ; Joseph E. Harrison

April 2017 : The Dingle/Bennett Family

April 2018 : Hezekiah Jefferson Chinn

October 2019 : Morris M. Marsh

March 2020 : Asa and Sarah Noyes

October 2020 : Fred George Powell

 March 2021 : Harry Newell Burhans

March 2022 : Patricia Ann Hector ; David Novotny

October 2022 : Alexander Lawson

March 2024 : William H. Drury