Each year the Board of Directors selects a few dedicated MCVHS volunteers that have made significant contributions to the historical society. Their names are added to the plaque that hangs in the Dumont Schoolhouse. Here is a list of the people that have been recognized so far and a brief description of how they have helped MCVHS remain vibrant.


Joan Drury
Co-Founder of MCVHS. A dedicated Board member donating significant hours.

Jim & Gretchen Lucas
Co-Founders of MCVHS. Both Jim and Gretchen were founding Board members and melodrama actors. Tireless hours were expended on the school renovation and history of the area.

Mary Valdez
Mary was a founding board member. She was an active and devoted volunteer, including acting in the melodrama.

Harold & Margorie Pals
Harold was a founding board member and active in many community endeavors.

Henry “Hank” & Mary Gaffney
Both Hank and Mary were founding board members, and were active in the promotion of history.

Jeanette Frazier
Founding Board member.

Henry “Hank” Rogers
Founding Board member and volunteer.

Ray & Mildred Wagner
Active community volunteers and active in many events.

Alfred & Dorothy Sell
Active volunteers in many community events, including the school when it was functioning as a school, and installation of the school playground.

Max & Katie Cannady
Max was a Board member. Both Max and Katie devoted many volunteer hours, including installation of the playground.

Evelyn Rheder
Founding Board member and devoted volunteer.

JoAnn Sorensen
Board member and active in the early melodramas and other events.

Bill & Gayle Murphy
Gayle was a Board member. Both Bill and Gayle donated volunteer hours particularly to the construction of the kitchen and bathroom.

Jim & Sherron Slavens
Sherron was a Board member, particularly in addressing the legal issues in forming the corporation. Both very active in the community. Sherron’s expertise was invaluable in procuring non-profit status for MCVHS.

Joe & Vi Lochnikar
Joe volunteered on many construction projects and adopted the Dumont Cemetery. Vi is a melodrama actress extraordinaire and served on the Board.

Chuck Harmon
Board member and devoted many hours to community construction projects. He worked particularly hard to get the Mill City House listed on the National Register.

Larrice Sell
As a child, Larrice was a student at the Dumont School. Evidence of her devotion continues as a MCVHS Board member, director and author of many melodramas. She worked diligently to obtain National Historic Register designation for the Mill City House.

Lynn Franz
Lynn was a board member. Acted in melodramas and promoted donations for MCVHS.

Christine Bradley
Christine donated many hours into the history of the area.

Judy Farris
Judy served as Board member and volunteer.

Ed & Mary Barton
Ed was a Board member. Mary acted in many melodramas. Both donated many volunteer hours in multiple ways.

Don Weber
Don donated the name plaques for MCVHS and donated toward melodrama events.

Bert Weaver
Actor extraordinaire in many melodramas.

Sandy & Lou Olnhausen
Long time supporters of MCVHS. Donated several storage units.

Ray & Kris Miller
Kris was a Board member, outstanding fund raiser, melodrama actress, community volunteer extraordinaire. Ray donated time particularly in construction.

Skipper & Brenda Gorman
Both Skipper and Brenda devoted many hours for the MCVHS melodramas.

Earl & Hazel Derringer
Founding Board members. Active volunteers particularly in construction.

Elton Young
Elton volunteered many hours in the early days of MCVHS, particularly in needed repairs and construction.

John Fitzpatrick
John devoted time and the plumbing services for the school addition.

Joe Hrusha
Joe donated his time and expertise as an electrician in modernizing the school building.

Ann Hector
Ann exemplifies a tireless volunteer in the community. A MCVHS Board member, extraordinary fund raiser, and melodrama actress.

Merinel Williams
MCVHS Board member and willing volunteer.

Carolyn Gingrich
Board member and melodrama actress. Carolyn devoted many volunteer hours.

Sue Grimm
Sue served on the Board and acted in many melodramas. An accomplished cook, her baked goods were greatly enjoyed.

Kate Hawkins
Kate as been a major financial supporter.

Robert A. Wilson
As a child, Robert was a student at the Dumont school. He has donated many items of historical note.

Les & Arlie Clark
Les and Arlie are long time members and generous donors.

Louise Cannady
MCVHS Board member and willing volunteer.

Bruce & Marjorie “CheeChee” Bell
Bruce has acted in many melodramas. Marjorie (CheeChee) has excelled in research. Both are generous donors and volunteers.

Linda & Beth Goymerac
Linda was the pianist for many MCVHS melodramas. Her daughter Beth inspired the whole community with her positive, cheerful attitude.

Art Jiminez
Art served as a Board member and has donated countless volunteer hours.

Allen Baird
Allen served on the Board and volunteered in many projects. Allen developed and manages the website.

Grant Lucas
Grant server on the Board and spearheaded the rescue of the Old Train Depot.