Newsletter Archive

Here are digital PDF versions of some MCVHS newsletters.

Summer 1999 : Dumont School Celebrates 90 years; Mill City House is now MCVH’s; Cemetery News.

March 2005 : President Chuck Harmon Resigns; Mill City House Restoration Starts; Melodrama Update; Cemetery News.

March 2006 : Mill City House Report; Dinner A Huge Success; Melodrama In The Fall; The Coburn Cabin; Sorry The Swings Had To Go.

May 2007 : Heavy Rain and Hail Storm Monday at Lawson Floods Every Home and Blocks Highway for Hours; First Annual Picnic a Hit; Once More Laughter Abounds.

March 2008 : The Estelle Philleo Grave; What is MCVHS?; Red Elephant City.

March 2009 : Remembering The Dumont School 100 Years; The Lawson School 130 Years.

April 2010 : John Coburn a Man Of Vision; Lizzie Greer a Working Girl; Thanksgiving Fire a Loss Of History; Dumont Gets New Train Depot.

April 2011 : Lawson Depot Burns; It’s Only a Few Lines, I Promise; Did You Know That?; The Mill City House Revisited.

April 2012 : Tea and History “Women in Colorado History”; Raleigh W. Chinn a Dumont Pioneer; Chinnston a Growing Community; The Disappearance of Mull.

April 2013 : A Lot of Skullduggery Going on; The Elm City Lode North Mill Creek; Our Summer Home; Once Upon A Time, Hollywood! A Dumont Connection.

April 2014 : Gretchen Lucas, A Farewell to a Founder; 2013 A Year of Events; Ira W. LaMunyon, Early Day Pioneer of Dumont; Thieving Tramps; Coburn Cabin Moved.

April 2015 : From Dumont to Dumont; A Wonderfull Gift; A Joint Effort to Save the Dumont Train Depot; Photo Album of 2014 Events; Col. John Dumont, Early Prospector; The Peart Family.

April 2016 : Joseph “Diamond Joe” Reynolds; Dumont Cemetery gets surrounded; Neville A. Lartigue; Joseph E. Harrison; It’s Silver Creek!! Not Silver City; A years worth of good times.

April 2017 : We have a winner; The Simon Dingle Family; The traveling Coburn Cabin is finally home; The loss of an old friend “Estells Tree”; Dumont woman wins old election bet.

April 2018 : Getting that new roof; Hezekiah Jefferson Chinn.

October 2019 : Dumont School Celebrates 110 Years; Morris M. Marsh.

March 2020 : Estelle Philleo; Asa and Sarah Noyes; Baseball.

October 2020 : Pandemic, Spanish Flu 1918; Women’s Suffrage; Fred George Powell; Election Fraud.

March 2021 : Jefferson Griffith; Harry Newell Burhans; Estelle Philleo; Wreaths Across America.

March 2022 : James Lucas; Patricia Ann Hector; David Novotny.

October 2022 : The Western Inn; The Lawson School; Alexander Lawson.

March 2023 : The Harbottle Lee Mill Site; Mill City House; Mardi Gras.

October 2023 : The Mill City House; The Dumont Cemetery; The Dumont Depot.

March 2024 : The Bridge Family; William H. Drury.